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Welcome to our website! We are happy to have you here on our website where you can learn more about one of the most notable Hungarian writers, Ferenc Mora who was born here in Kiskunfelegyhaza on 19 July 1879. His family lived in poverty, and owned a farmhouse with thatched roof that was common in Hungarian folk architecture at that time. Our association, which is named after the writer, is engaged with maintaining the cultural heritage of him.

Since our association, called Kiskunfélegyházi Móra Ferenc Cultural Association, was founded in 1988, its goal is to maintain the local culture and traditions, and pay tribute to the most notable Hungarian artists by organizing several commemorations, wreathings, conferences, memorial day and meetings.

We consider one of our most important goals for our non-governmental, civil association to preserve our intellectual values and historical artifacts. We have been making several efforts to place memorial tablets, and we also take care of the gravesites of our prominent people. Beside the efforts we made to preserve our heritage, our association established the town embellishment movement of Flowery Félegyháza in order to make our town a better place to live. To support the local talents, our association has initiated the Reményi-prize in remembrance of Ede Reményi violinist and issued commemorative coins for the local notable people and events, including dr. Károly Mezősi Petőfi-researcher, Ferenc Móra writer and the anniversary of the town’s repopulation, to name a few.

Our association published several studies on urban history in the form of books, in order to extend and enrich the literature about the local history of our town, such as Crosses along the road, our honorary citizens, Exploration of Petőfi- and Móra-memories. In our publication, titled Values of Kiskunfélegyháza, we present the local community’s values that are worth preserving for the future, and we introduce the notable achievements and the life of our local people we are willing to remember and to preserve their inheritance for the next generations.

Find out more about our activities and our programmes and of course, we are looking forward to seeing you at any of our events.

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